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Cianjur District

Cianjur district, a bit further away, offers cooler and wilder routes at the foot of Mt Gede, with numerous waterfalls. For a day hike, this sector is reachable but requires an earlier start from Jakarta . If we can exit the toll road by 6 a.m. , we will usually have an open road to the Puncak pass, even on weekends.


The Cipanas sector (D) lies above the city of Cipanas and offers hiking at the higher elevations on average than other sectors, with the following 4 routes:

•  D1 Gegerbentang (6.0km), suitable for beginners, climbs a hill for 150m to reach 1369m and visits a private garden on the descent with orchards of arbei , a rasberry-like fruit.

•  D2 Cipendawa (9.7km) visits 3 waterfalls, including the spectacular Cipendawa fall. It crosses several 3 valleys going and coming. Climbs to 1710m.

•  D3 Maleber-Sarongge (10.7km) visits a waterfall and climbs to 1578m. On the descent, visits the historic kampong of Babakan­sarongge Girang, where former detainees from the 1965 upheaval settled in the Seventies.

•  D4 Pasir Malang (6.8km), visits the isolated village of Pasir Malang , with no motor road. Far above the village, the route crosses to the hinterland of Pasir Ipis at an elevation of 1525m and returns to Kmp Pasiripis.

The Cugenang sector (E), further south is the most remote of the mapped sectors from Jakarta and the least affected by the economy of the metropolis. The sector has more waterfalls than the others. It lies above Cianjur city and the markets of Cugenang and Gekbrong, and offers these 4 routes:

•  E1 Ci Batulempar (7.0km), suitable for beginners, visits 2 waterfalls and provides en­try points for 3 others. Climb to 1401m in extensive gardens of tea, carrots and onions.

•  E2 Pasir Gulingmuning (10.5km), features tea gardens, forest and 2 waterfalls. Climb to 1310m.

•  E3 Pasir Panon (6.0km) visits the Beleng waterfall (40m), and traverses forest and dry gardens. Much of the route is shaded. Climb to 1178m.

•  E4 Curug Satong (7.0km) visits the Satong waterfall (45m), and traverses tea and dry gardens. Climb to 1306m.
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