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Two providers of Hiking Tours

“Baldy” and Nina, who own land and a cabin in Pancawati, can organize hiking tours in sector B. Their cabin is near to circle route B1, B2, and B3. From walks with Alex Korns, Baldy has become familiar with these circle routes as well as the ring route in sectors B and part of A (from Arca to Cibeling), and the ridgeline trail on Pr Krmat. Baldy, who hails from New Zealand, is 52 and an experienced organizer of football and cricket games.  Contact them at, or at 0815-9217115 for Baldy or 0812-18400210 for Nina.

Dwi “Bolang” Sukma Nura, 37, was a member of the Puncak Trek mapping team during 1997-2002, and during this time surveyed the mapped areas on foot for at least 300 days. Accordingly, he has the full “knowledge” of the 4 mapped areas. Since 2002, he worked for an outbound oper­ator first, then as an independent outbound operator since 2007. His company, Kilau Buana, is building a website at

Bolang can design trekking packages for expat and domestic hikers. He and his associates can then guide trekkers to designated areas and on designated routes, based on client preferences.  They can also provide training in map reading, GPS usage and navigation skills. To contact Bolang call 0812-9947217, or 021-9912-7193. Email:  Better send an sms at the same time as an email, so he’ll look out for your message.


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