Kesasar di hutan di sector B??                                                                                                            Bagi treker pemula di pegunungan dekat Jakarta

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Maps -- Description

Each map:

  • Covers about 50 square km. at a scale of 6 centimeters to the kilometer (equivalent to 1:16,667).
  • Covers the edge of the forest, and therefore includes the lower section of the forest and the upper section of agricultural lands below the forest.
  • Shows hundreds of kilometers of footpaths and seldom used motor roads (stone or dirt roads) suitable for walking. Shows all the major crossings of each valley.
  • Shows a section of the ‘ Ring Route ’ around the twin peaks, roughly one-eighth of the entire route appearing in each map.
  • Provides UTM coordinates suitable for use with a GPS receiver, and shows a grid-square of boxes 250 meters wide.
  • Distinguishes 13 different kinds of land use areas.
  • Shows contour intervals of 12.5 m.
  • Shows hundreds of markers for scenic views, landmarks, facilities such as general shops and meatball soup shops, attractions such as waterfalls and places for view­ing wildlife, etc.
  • Identifies 4 scenic ‘circle routes’ for which narrative text is provided in the guidebook, each 5-13 km. and requiring a half day or day to walk.
  • Is printed on plastic Yupo paper for water repellency.
Specific Characteristics Of Mapped Areas
Name Area Covered Altitudes Land Use Water Falls
Total  >20m
B. Ciawi- Bogor District
Foot of Mt. Pangrango & (well) above Pr. Ciawi. Closest sector to Jakarta
500 m
1500 m
Broad paddy,
ladang, forest.
7 4
C. Cisarua – Bogor District
Foot of Mt. Pangrango, including Pr Cisarua & areas above.
900 m
2000 m
Mostly forest,
extensive tea
9 8
D. Cipanas - Cianjur District
Foot of Mt. Gede, including Pr Cisarua & areas above.
900 m
2000 m
Forest, ladang,
esp. carrots &
8 4
E. Cugenang - Cianjur District
Foot of Mt. Gede, including areas above Cugenang & Gekbrong. Furthest from Jakarta, most untouched.
500 m
1500 m
Forest, ladang,
extensive tea
17 10


Note: -- ladang is dry vegetable gardens.

[Copyright ©by Alex Korns]