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 Puncak Trek is offering free maps for a single hike near Jakarta , to provide an example of how the maps can be used for a self-guided tour,.  The chosen route lies in sector B, Ciawi.  It includes magnificent views of Mt. Pangrango and of varied paddy fields, as well as a cool walk in the forest where monkeys are seen or heard in two places.  You can reach the starting point, kmp Nangleng, from Ciawi in about 40 minutes by car.  The walk is 7.5 km. long with a total climb of 390 m, and can be done in just 3- 4 hours.  A compass and altimeter are useful when navigating the area for the first time.  Those with a GPS receiver may also wish to enter into their system the 10 GPS waypoints (provided on the sample map) for finding their way. What follows is the menu which duplicates the menu items under "Sample Hike" on the left of this page.

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