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1 Oct 2007

Good Day Alex

We are enjoying the maps/guidebooks a lot! Since the end of May, when our jobs allow it, always early on Saturday mornings, we (mostly my friend Johan Maats and myself, 4 times we had guests joining us) have made the following hikes:

-Ciawi: 5 hikes(2 double) ; B2  not yet
-Cisarua: all 4 once
-Cugenang: E1 & E3
-Cipanas: none(yet)

We are very enthousiastic and will continue the fun and exercise.

Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
Charles van Santen

Sat, 3 May 2008
Subject: great walk
Hi there,

We just took our 8 month old on the circular B3 walk from the Ciawi map. Really excellently done and very easy to follow with only cursory use of a compass.

It's great that someone has produced something like this so now no-one can complain Jakarta is hard to get out of at the weekend.

Congratulations on your work.

Best rgds,

Tom Wright
(Correspondent for the Asian Wall Street Journal)

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